Yoga Sessions with Hailey at LSV

Yoga on Saturday \ $10 Walk-In

Yoga is a practice that is different from person to person, from one instructor to the next. That’s why we’re excited to have Hailey Herro guide the pop-up session on Saturdays!
• Class begins at 10am, please be on your mat a little early to get situated
• $10 walk-in to your instructor
• Bring a mat and water
• It’s going to be a warm one, hydrate before, and we’ll have wine for after (you’re also welcome to grab some bubbles before you bend).
More about your instructor:
Hailey discovered yoga about 14 years ago while she was training for her first marathon. She got a running injury and the only thing she could do that didn’t hurt, was yoga. She continued to practice even after her injury healed, and she quickly fell in love. It not only improved her running, but her overall health, both physical and emotional. Wanting to share the gift of yoga with everyone, she decided to get certified, and graduated Yoga Teacher Training in June of 2018.
About one year later, Hailey got her Barre certification and most recently got her 300 hour training program for Yoga, which now makes her a 500 hour certified yoga instructor.
Aside from being physically active, she loves to travel, drink wine, and spend as much time with her 3 pets as possible. Hailey is so thankful for what yoga has brought to her life, including the amazing relationships she’s formed with her students. Hailey is looking forward to continuing to grow her practice and share it with others.


June 18th, July 9th, August 13th

Yoga STARTS //

10:00 am 


$10 to your instructor


11:00 am – 9:00 pm