Join us for sunset Yoga 

9/20/2020: Well, it looks like Monday is going to be a beautiful evening! Let’s jump into a quick Monday night practice, shall we?

Thank you for joining us this season!

Yoga practice 6-7pm \\ Wine or Beer to follow 7-8:00pm

Sunset yoga is designed to acclimate your body and soul to the setting sun. This is the perfect re-set to the week. You’ve completed your Monday, now let’s relax. As the season continues and our bodies get more in shape, the Yoga practice will match with the setting sun

Please join our leader, Jennifer Endries with Jenn Sunshine Yoga in the vineyard for sunset and yoga. Ground yourself and feel your inner beauty shine!

Monday Night Yoga is every week starting June 1st through mid-September! Unless there is rain, plan on Yoga at the vineyard ☺️

Trade: $20 for the class and a glass – $1 off your second (or third) round!