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The wines made at LSV are complex, thought provoking and explore the beauty of each varietal.

Grapes used in LSV + Rip-Fera Wines: • Hybrid, Cold Hardy Varieties (Vitis Riparia) & • Traditional, West Coast Styles (Vitis Vinifera)


Adam and Katrina focus in making wines filled with flavor and that are the best representation of the varietal in the glass. We only make wines from grapes, the most pure form of winemaking. The style we aim towards are Dry with a few Semi-Sweet options. 

Current Releases: • Signature Styles: La Crescent, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot/Malbec Red Blend, Frontenac Reserve (12/12/2019), F2 (Frontenac & Cabernet Franc blend)

Frontenac Blanc (SOLD OUT), Marquette (SOLD OUT)


Upcoming Releases: •Cabernet Franc 100% •Dry, Barreled Marquette, •Dry, Estate Frontenac 2018 • Malec 100% • Sparkling Frontenac Blanc •Hard Cider (dry)

2020 Spring Release: La Crescent (dry), Frontenac Blanc (semi-sweet), Marquette (semi-sweet), Sauvignon Blanc (dry), Rose


Our wines are available in the LedgeStone Tasting Room. Other locations include: 313 Dodge in Kaukauna & THE LOCAL in Wausau  



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