Frontenac Reserve | 2017 Single-barrel Estate Release

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2017 Frontenac Reserve

Grape: Frontenac (vitis-riparia)

Vineyard: LedgeStone Estate

Year: 2017

Oak: American staves, french oak heads. 18 months new oak.

The path to the 2017 Frontenac Noir was anything but straightforward. The crooked curves as Mountain Dwellers, to meandering travels as Vanlifers – traditional dogma wasn’t a place of focus. Our journey led us to an idle vineyard and winery in rural Wisconsin. Countless weeks and hours were spent rejuvenating the forgotten vines. At the end of harvest we had but a single barrel of beauty. To many, this wine is just another bottle, to us, it is the culmination of years of planning and devotion to our craft. For better or worse, through health and sickness we’ve planted our roots and are here to stay.

Spring, 2017 we stepped into the vineyard for the first time. It was May, a little cooler of a spring but the vineyard had made it through frost with only a small scare. The season progressed with a bit of wet weather in late June and mild temperatures until August. Summer storms were persistent in rain and lighting. The fall greeted us with the warmest weather of the growing season, hitting above 90 degrees. Hot weather continued through October, allowing the fruit to reach peak ripeness only achieved once in a blue moon.

Wine-making: Hand harvested estate crop. Manual punch downs twice per day, basket press. 18 months new oak; american staves and french heads. Unfiltered. \\ ABV: 15.5%  \\ Bottles: 300, 750ml

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