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'Date Night' | Meat & Cheese Plate
This smaller cheese plate & charcuterie is a mini proper board with meat, cheese & other things. Perfect as an app or before a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. You can…
Hummus Plate
House hummus with a side of veggies and soft na'an bread. Great after your bike ride to the vineyard or as an app prior to a great grilled cheese.  You…
Host Sized Charcuterie & Cheese Board | Nov. 24th
The Host Boards make a small gathering that much easier. Recommended for about 6 people. Please plan to pre-order your Host Board at least 1 day before desired pick up…
GCB Explorer's Mug Club
We love beer, and we love geeking out about drinking good beer. We've been tossing around the idea of how to create a mug club at Gnarly Cedar as a…
The Proper Board | Charcuterie & Cheese to share
This charcuterie is a combination of all things scrumptious, the bee's knees of meat and cheese. Selection of our favorite cheese, meats, grains and other pickled and sweet ingredients. •You…
LedgeStone / Gnarly Cedar Gift Card
Select the value to load onto the gift card. When we receive the order, we can either get the physical card will be dropped in the mailbox for delivery IF…

LSV Wines

Wines hand-crafted by the makers at LSV.

Merlot - Unwritten Stories | LSV 2019
2019 Merlot Unwritten Stories Unwritten Stories, the newest Merlot release taken from the 2019 vintage that has been patiently waiting in barrel. Merlot grows in central California and makes a…
Cabernet Sauvignon | 2019
Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 Our Cabernet Sauvignon is like a fresh cherry, with brightness yet a tannic backbone. Hints of savory characters & a bit of oak. Do you find any…
Frontenac Blanc | LSV 2021
Frontenac Blanc \ Semi-Sweet White Wine \ Wisconsin Ledge AVA The wine with a Pineapple on the label. Notes of caramelized pineapples, pear and white peach. This slightly sweet white…
Marquette | Semi-Sweet Red LSV 2021
Marquette \ LedgeStone Vineyards \ 2021 Semi-Sweet Red Wine The Marquette is a favored for those that love a semi-sweet wine with a bit more body. Notes of bright red…
Sauvignon Blanc | LSV 2020
Newest addition to the lSV Line up: Sauvignon Blanc Our Sauvignon Blanc is inspired by our time making wine in New Zealand and the label represents our time spent exploring…
Frontenac Noir | LedgeStone 2019
LedgeStone Vineyards 2019 Frontenac Estate grown Frontenac, Wisconsin Ledge AVA Vintage: 2019 Vineyard: LedgeStone Vineyards Frontenac is the grape that rules the vineyard at LSV. 2019 marks the third year…
Albariño | LSV 2021
Albarino 2021 \ Dry White Wine Albarino. A beautiful, dry variety and we’re especially excited for the 2021 vintage. Albarino is the zest of a lime or the fresh squeeze…
Riesling | Semi-Sweet LSV 2021
Riesling (semi-sweet) | LedgeStone Vineyards 2020 Riesling made at LSV. The grapes grew in Washington state as a 'late harvest' harvest. This wine was made at LSV and carries notes…
Malbec | 2019 LedgeStone Vineyards
Malbec 2019 | (October 2021 release) The first release of its kind - we welcome the Malbec to the LSV portfolio. A blend of 2018 and 2019 barrels, this Malbec…
Zinfandel | 2019 LSV (SOLD OUT)
Zinfandel 2019 | (October 2021 release, 74 cases) Zinfandel is the first variety owners Adam and Katrina had worked with years ago and it's only fitting that a Zin finally…
Riesling | Dry LSV 2021
Dry Riesling | LedgeStone Vineyards 2021 Riesling is a grape that LSV brings in from Washington State. Traditionally, this grape goes towards our semi-sweet program but when making this wine,…
Pinot Noir | LSV 2021
Pinot Noir 2021 LedgeStone Vineyards   This Pinot is from Sonoma a little more inland so you guessed it – its a little bigger in ABV, mouthfeel and fruit. But…

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