Horseshoes & Hand Grenades | Thursday 7.27.23


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Horseshoes & Hand Grenades: I can remember 5 years ago – our first summer with LedgeStone being completely hooked on the energy and vibes of music in the area. Each and everytime we asked folks about their favorite music concert or memorable music experience more often than not it was one particular band that was mentioned. It’s our honor to host some of the best musicians in the state; Horseshoes & Hand Grenades! 

These five guys have been together for 10 years! What other band can you name that all five members write songs and bring them to life? It’s pretty dang neat to listen through their 5 albums and see the flow of styles and genres through their music. Starting off heavy with bluegrass yet growing and building their compliments of music into a beautiful harmony. The most recent album captures a celebration of 10 years (okay, now they are onto 12 years) but nonetheless it captures each persons favorite style of music and flows through like a river with jumping fish. When the HHG family gets together, it’s felt all around. The energy, the stories, the talent and the lyrics – it all comes together in such a perfected form you’re never going to want them to leave. If you pick one show this summer – this is the one. Grab your friends and have some dang fun! 

Adam Greuel [guitar, vocals], David C. Lynch [harmonica, accordion, vocals], Collin Mettelka [fiddle, vocals], Russell Pedersen [banjo, vocals], and Samual Odin [bass, vocals]— together this family fuels their creativity and chemistry on stage and in the studio. 

Event Details

Date: 07/27/2023

Start time: 06:00 p.m. CDT

End time: 09:30 p.m. CDT

Venue: Ledgestone Vineyards