LedgeStone / Gnarly Cedar Gift Card


Select the value to load onto the gift card. When we receive the order, we can either get the physical card will be dropped in the mailbox for delivery IF NOTED — we’ll assume you will pick up if there aren’t additional notes about sending this out. Thanks!

Gift cards may be used towards in-house purchase and take-away wine and beer. 

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This option is a physical gift card! We’ll assume you are coming by to pick this up unless you mention where to ship this out to – we are happy to put it in the mail just need confirmation to do so 🙂 

Please be sure to include the name and address of the person/location you’d like this sent to in the ‘Shipping’ field. Include any personal messages in the ‘notes’ section. Gift Cards will be mailed directly at the end of day purchased (or the next morning if purchased after 3pm).