Nomadic Wine Club

Alright, time to begin your wine tasting journey. We are here to be your guides. Once you complete the survey below, we will contact you with our recommended package for your adventure. Let's begin shall we...

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1. Wine is the language of love. If you could listen to any nationality speak all day long, which would it be? 
2. It has been a long hard day at the office and it's time to relax with a bottle of wine. What is your ideal activity to enjoy this bottle of wine?
3. When you’re browsing the wine section at your local store, what catches your eye?
4. If I were given superpowers for one day that allowed me to make red wine appear with the snap of my toes, which wines would you make appear?
5. If I were given unlimited amounts of money but could only buy white wine, which wines would you buy?
6. Wine to me should be...
7. If I were a member of a wine club where I received awesome wines, I'd want to receive them...
8. If I were a part of an awesome Nomadic Wine Club, I'd want to receive _________ with each package.
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